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Alps Spas

ABS Floor/Pan System 

A Vacuum formed ABS floor is created for all of the Alps Spa models.  the bottom is totally impervious to water, dirt and insects.  An external main drain is located on the side of the pan for easy access when draining.


Every Alps spa is constructed from the finest materials available. Insulated paneling ABS floor system , ABS backed acrylic shell and a G90 galvanized steel frame are all standard on every Alps spa created.

Tri-Layered Synthetic Paneling

The Cabinet is one of the most important components of any hot tub.  Each layer of Alp spa panels serves a specific purpose.  They start with you choice of three different colors of synthetic skirting for long lasting beauty without the maintenance. Then add a 3/4" thick piece of foam to strengthen the panel and retain the heat inside the spa.  Lastly, the panel is backed with an aluminum barrier that reflects thermal heat back to the spas for optimal energy efficiency.

We also offer several other brand of Hot Tubs....

Acrylic Shell Construction

Alps spa shells are constructed from .275 ABS backed acrylic.  It is then backed by environmentally safe acrylic bond material.  This process takes longer than the conventional way of backing with fiberglass material, but provides a superior bond and is environmentally safe.


‚ÄčGo Spas

G90 Galvanized Steel Frame

All of Alps spas are fitted with G90 galvanized frames.  These frames are 30% lighter and up to 150% stronger than traditional wooden frames.  Warping, rotting and rusting are issues that you will not have to concern yourself with when owning an Alps spa.